Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Automotive Technician Appreciation Day

We love our technicians and November 15 is Automotive Technician Appreciation Day!  We couldn't do what we do without our amazing technicians.  Just like a doctor, a well trained technician reviews the problem your vehicle may be having, diagnoses the problem, problem solves, and implements a solution so that once again,your vehicle is reliable and running well.

Every great technician should have experience.  It can take up to 5 years for a technician to become fully qualified.  Some of the training needed is math, physics, general chemistry, engine diagnosis, suspension and steering, automotive emissions, and computer knowledge.  Also continuing their education is a must as vehicles are always changing.

Some great qualities that our technicians at Jake's Auto have are:

  • Good diagnostic skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Training/certification
  • Tools and technology
  • Good work ethic
  • Technical knowledge and understanding.
We are grateful for our technicians.  They work hard to ensure that your vehicle is safe and ready for you each time your bring it in to Jake's Auto.

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