Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Winter Driving Series: Snow Tires

As the weather cools off, you may be asking yourself, "Are snow tires really necessary?" or "What is the big deal with snow tires?"

In the climate we live in, rain and snow can be replaced with sunshine in a matter of 5 minutes. Even though the precipitation may change, the winter months generally have some pretty cold temperatures.  This is where snow tires or winter tires (as they are also called) are helpful.

Winter tires are just that, for the winter.  They are made of softer rubber that is better able to grip the road and be more flexible.  The tread patterns are made to dig down deep into the snow and ice.  They also get better traction on cold, wet roads.

Winter tires provide better traction, stability, and breaking. Tires are one of the most important safety features of your vehicle, so wouldn't you want the safest tire for the conditions out there?

Your next question might be, "Can I just purchase 2 or do I really need 4 winter tires?"  Since winter tires are unique in the type of rubber and design used, they will function differently than an all season or other tire.  Because of this, having 4 winter tires on your vehicle will be safer.

Finally, when do you install winter tires, and when is the time to take them off?  For most average Utah winters, you will want to have your winter tires put on around Thanksgiving.  The time to take them off is usually around tax time, as the roads begin warming up.

Stay safe this winter and ensure your tires are in good condition!

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