Monday, April 24, 2017

Motorcycle Safety Awareness

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness month and with the warmer weather and more motorcycles on the road, it's a timely subject to discuss both for motorcyclists and other drivers.

Motorcyclists are entitled to their own space on the road, so it's up to you as a driver to watch out for them.  Give them space.  Remember that it will take longer for your vehicle to stop than their motorcycle. Motorcyclists are small, and sometimes hard to see.  Be observant of how a motorcyclist drives so that you might anticipate what they might do, and be able to respond appropriately.

Motorcyclists are also required to obey the same laws that other vehicle drivers are required to obey.  It's important for a motorcyclist to drive responsibly.  Don't take risks.  All states require a motorcycle license endorsement.  Some require a motorcycle driving course.  Remember to never drive when under the influence of alcohol.

Even before you drive, you should ensure that your motorcycle is road ready.  Check for leaks, and make sure that all of the components are working correctly.  Remind any passengers of safety protocols, such as keeping their feet on the foot rests at all times, holding on to the driver, and leaning with the driver.

Wear the proper attire.  This means a helmet.  Yes it might not look super cool, but it can save your life.  Keep your arms and legs covered, ideally with leather or thick denim.

All of us can contribute to the safety of the roads both for motorcyclists, pedestrians, and all other drivers.  We need to share the road.  We need to watch out for each other, slow down, and be considerate of one other.  If we all do this, we will see safer roads, less accidents, and fewer deaths.

Spring Driving Series: Air Conditioning

No one wants to feel like a wilted flower when they drive around town this summer, but that's exactly how you'll feel if your air conditioning isn't working properly!

Generally your a/c will either work, work sometimes (be cool in the morning, but then not in the afternoon), or not work at all.  If it's not working well, you might even see some overheating.

It's always a good idea to check your air conditioning before the hot days are here to stay.  You'll want to make sure that the air coming out of the vents is nice and cold, not just slightly cool.  You should also listen for unusual noises or smells coming from the vents.

If you do find that your air conditioning isn't very cold, or some strange noises, or smells, give Jake's Auto & Truck Repair a call and schedule an appointment.  We want you to be comfortable and cool as you drive around this summer!

Save Lives & Slow Down

You live in a crazy, busy world.  Everyone around you (and probably you too) is always rushing around trying to cram more into the day than possible.

One place you should slow down is the road, and you really don't have the time not to slow down.  Speeding down the road, or racing to the next stop light doesn't save you a lot of time in the long run.

Slowing down as you drive provides quite a few benefits.  As you slow down, you give yourself more time to anticipate other vehicles, pedestrians, and potential hazards.  This makes the roads safer for everyone on them.

The more you exceed the speed limit, the greater risk you take for getting in an accident.  Speed limits are not casual suggestions, but are there to protect the occupants of the vehicle and the pedestrians on the road.

Slowing down, also helps prevent road rage.  It seems like every time you get in the car, someone you are driving next to, does something stupid.  Perhaps they don't use a blinker, or run a red light.  Maybe they cut you off.  As you slow down, you are able to better anticipate what others on the road may do, because you have more time to think about it, and you tend to pay more attention to those around you.  If you are already watching the other vehicles closely, you are more able to expect their next move.  This helps all of us from getting angry or annoyed with those inconsiderate drivers around us. Not only are you better able to anticipate actions of those around you, but others can better anticipate your actions, and take appropriate measures.

May 8-14 is Fourth United Nations Global Road Safety Week.  This is a great time to make a pledge to slow down, be safer, and save lives.

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Click It or Ticket!

A couple of months ago, I noticed my son buckling up his stuffed giraffe as we headed out on some errands. He wanted his giraffe to be "safe" as we traveled.  This was not the first occurrence of this type of thing happening.  Any time we take one of his furry friends with us, the friend needs a seat belt.

Perhaps my husband and I have set a precedence. Each time we drive somewhere, we ask "Who's buckled?"  If we forget one of our kids usually asks the question for us. If someone in the car doesn't respond, someone (not always one of the adults) asks whoever didn't respond directly if they are buckled and then waits for an affirmative answer.

Maybe you have seen the commercial where instead of people saying "I love you" they were saying "Buckle up." While I doubt you repeat "Buckle up" instead of "I love you," aren't we still conveying the same meaning when asking if someone is buckled up?  We make sure each other are buckled up because we care about each other.

Thankfully, we are becoming a society that is more and more concerned with safety, and seat belts.  Did you know that in 2015, seat belts saved an estimated 13,941 lives of people 5 and older in passenger vehicles?  Those are a lot of lives that have been saved, because of the attention given to seat belts, but even more could be saved in 2017.

The Click It or Ticket campaign falls on May 22-June 7 this year.  Law enforcement will be putting an extra emphasis on buckling up, particularly during these days. Safety education and seat belt laws are also emphasized during this time.

Proper seat belt usage is the most effective thing you can do to protect yourself in an accident.  But you can't wait until, or if that time comes.  You must start buckling up every time you get in your car, and now is a great time to start, if you aren't already in the habit.

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