Thursday, April 28, 2016

Is Your Car Ready for Your Vacation?

As summer approaches, many of you are planning or have already planned a family vacation.  You're ready for a break from school and work, and just want to spend some quality time with you family away from home.  According to a survey done by AAA, 35% of Americans will be taking a family vacation this year.  With the drop in gas prices this past year, many of those trips will be road trips.  Maybe you will drive up to your favorite camping spot.  Perhaps you'll have a family reunion at a national park.  Or maybe you'll take a long-awaited trip to a theme park.  Wherever you go, you will try and plan for any possible mishap so you can spend your time enjoying each other, instead of worrying about troubles.

One item of your trip planning to keep in mind is your transportation.  If you are taking a road trip, you will want to make sure that your vehicle is well-maintained and up for the trip.  Some of the preparation you can do in your own driveway.  Some things to check for are:

  • Check all fluids and filters (engine oil, coolant, windshield washer solvent, etc.)
  • Check hoses and belts (for cracking, wear, misshapen, etc.)
  • Check tires (pressure, balding, uneven wear)
  • Check wipers and lighting
  • Check brake system
  • Check batter connection (be sure that there isn't any corrosion)
  • Check gas cap and be sure it is not damaged 

You can also bring your car in for a Pre-Trip Tune-up.  “A pre-trip inspection provides the opportunity to have service repairs made at home by your own trusted technician who knows the vehicle, and helps reduce the chance of costly and dangerous trouble on the road,” said Rich While. (Be Car Care Aware)  You can also ensure that your car is running at it's most efficient capacity, to ensure better fuel economy and safety.

We all want to have a safe vacation, and usually all it takes is some planning ahead of time.  We hope you have a safe and fun summer!

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