Monday, March 27, 2017

April Is National Car Care Month

It's the time of year for spring cleaning.  You are probably de-junking the house, cleaning out the garden, and hopefully maintaining your vehicle(s).

Spring brings its own driving hazards.  Wet roads, pounding rain, later sunsets, and the beginning of road construction which can create some dangerous circumstances.  It's important to make sure that your vehicle is well maintained and dependable.

This is a good time of year to have your 30K, 60K, or 90K services completed.  Tune-ups always help your vehicle run better once they've been done.  Have your alignment checked, and make sure that the winter roads weren't too hard on it.  Replace your windshield if it was cracked over the winter.  Check your tires, both the pressure and treads to ensure reliability and safety.

If you aren't sure what service(s) your vehicle might need, check your owner's manual.  The manufacturer will provide that information. (Your owner's manual is always a great reference for when you have any vehicle questions!)

Be Car Care Aware offers a free Car Care Guide.  This can help provide general information as to what maintenance might be needed and when to get it.

Another option is to sign up for a Service Schedule Reminder.  This will provide service reminders, recalls, and more.

If you get on top of your vehicle's maintenance and other needs now, you are less likely to be in emergency situations for fixing it.

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