Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Winter Driving Series...Should You Warm Up Your Car?

We've had a wide range of temperatures, and finally winter snow this last month! A few times I've been sure my car was made of icicles as I climbed in first thing in the morning.

Many people will start the car before leaving in the morning to allow it to warm up in their driveway or garage.  Many have grown up warming up their car because it was necessary.

Most vehicles made prior to 1995 were built with carburetors, which needed to run for a bit to ensure proper engine function. Vehicles today are now fuel injected which eliminates the need to warm up for better engine productivity.

No one wants to climb into a freezing cold car, and so most warm up their vehicle for passenger comfort.  On top of that, it's also very important to make sure that you can see through the windows and through the frost and snow. Scrape your windows, and run your defrost before pulling out.

At this time of year we hear a lot of reports of stolen vehicles that were warming up. If you do need to warm up your vehicle, be sure to stay with it.  Never leave valuables or children in an unattended vehicle.

Also emissions increase when your vehicle is idling.  Consider air quality, and try not add to the inversion we usually get this time of year. Your gas mileage also decreases as it sits and warms up.

We hope you are able to stay warm and safe as you drive through town!

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