Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Love Your Service Advisor

The first person you speak to or see at Jake's Auto will usually be one of our service advisers, and the rest of us couldn't do our jobs without them.  February 17th is Service Adviser Appreciation Day at Jake's Auto.  We want them and you to know how much we appreciate all that they do.

We want to give you a little peek into the day of a service adviser and how much effort goes into their job.

First of all, our service advisers really are the middle man.  They have excellent customer service skills that help each customer feel as if they are part of the family.  They look for solutions and have great problem solving skills whether you've called them on the phone because your car won't start, or if you've brought your vehicle in for regular maintenance.

Our service advisers also have great communication skills. When you bring your vehicle in, they pay close attention to any concerns you have, and then are able to explain it to our technicians. Our technicians then inspect the vehicle, relay their findings back to the service adviser who then puts a quote together and calls you.  They have to understand automotive procedures, and technology to be able to explain what work your vehicle is in need of, and what parts need to be ordered to fix the problem(s).

Not only do our service advisers have the knowledge, they also have to have organizational skills as they schedule and assign work to each of our technicians.  They keep our technicians busy.  They also remember our customers.  They always put the customer first, being sure to follow our motto as the "Friendliest Little Repair Shop in Draper."

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