Thursday, September 1, 2016

Fall Maintenance

We can never talk enough about vehicle maintenance.  Why, you might ask?  We want to make sure your vehicle will be dependable and reliable each time you go somewhere.  As the weather is changing, and somewhat unpredictable (although here in Utah, we can always predict that the weather will be unpredictable), it's a good idea to check a few things so that you can be safe on the road.
  • Battery. Make sure the connection is tight, clean, and corrosion free.  If necessary, replace the battery.  If a jump start is needed, double check that the connections are on correctly.
  • Heater, Defroster, and Wiper Blades.  Be sure the heater is working, so that you can be comfortable during each trip. Without a working defroster, you will have a very difficult time seeing out your windshield, which then becomes a safety issue for you, your passengers, and others on the road. As for the wiper blades, look for cracks or missing chunks.  Listen for scraping noises as you use them, especially if your windshield is wet. Check to see if they are working before you need them.
  • Brakes. As the roads become slippery from frost, rain, fog, snow, or ice, you will want to have breaks that you can trust.  Listen for screeching and grinding.  If you aren't sure if your breaks need to be replaced, call us and schedule an appointment. Replace your brakes while the weather is still nice, rather than when you are careening down the road, like in an old movie.
  • Tune-Ups. Schedule a tune-up.  The heat from summer, and the freezing temperatures and poor road conditions of winter can be very hard on a vehicle.  By bringing your car in for a tune-up, not only will your car be ready to face the unpredictable weather, other vehicle maintenance problems will likely come to light, and can be fixed before you are stranded.
  • Lighting. The days are getting shorter, which means you will be using your headlights a lot more.  Make sure any burned out bulbs are replaced.  If you are having a hard time seeing the road even when your headlights are on, they might need to be adjusted.  Make sure your turn signals and brake lights are working to inform others what of your intentions.  Bring your vehicle into Jake's if you have any questions regarding lighting issues.
  • Cleaning.  Fall is a great time to complete some deep cleaning on your car.  It's a good time to wash all the mud and dirt of summer off, from all those adventurous road trips.  Coat the outside with a protectant for the winter, to help protect your vehicle from the salt on the road and to help prevent rusting. Clean the windshield wipers.  Clean the air vents inside and replace the cabin air filter.  Vacuum the interior and possibly replace your floor mats with some heavy duty winter mats.
The Boy Scout motto is "Be Prepared."  You can help ensure that your car will be prepared for the upcoming seasons, by following these helpful tips!

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