Friday, June 3, 2016

National Ride to Work Day

You've all heard of take your daughter/son to work day, and probably even participated in it.  Have you heard of National Ride to Work Day?

Last month, was Motorcycle Safety Awareness month, and this month, you have the opportunity to practice what you learned.  Every year there are too many deaths caused by motorcycle accidents.  Each one of us can help reduce the fatality numbers by checking our mirrors, and blind spots for motorcyclists, not traveling too close to motorcycles in front of us, and being an overall conscientious driver.  Motorcyclists can also practice some safety habits by wearing protective gear, knowing how your motorcycle works, and practicing safe driving.

June 20th will be this year's National Ride to Work Day.  Motorcyclists will be out on the road, practicing safety habits, and enjoying the beautiful summer weather.  Let's all enjoy the summer together!

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